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Pension Services Portal

Please note that the address for the PBGF Payment cheque and Remittance Advice has changed.
Please mail your cheque and Remittance Advice to ROYAL TRUST CORP IN TR FOR THE PENSION BENEF.GUAR.-P.ONTARIO, PO BOX 9501, STN A TORONTO, ON M5W 2K3 effective immediately.

You must include the Remittance Advice with the PBGF cheque for payment processing.
Cheques without the Remittance Advice included, may be returned to sender.

If you have already mailed your cheque for payment processing to an address other than the address provided above, your cheque will be forwarded to RBC for processing. However, if you mailed your cheque after Monday September 14, 2020, to the address not indicated at the bottom of the PBGF certificate, please follow up with the addressee used to ensure that your cheque is re-routed to RBC.